Automatically send Sales Order confirmation through mail using template with placeholder

Hi AX users,

I have requirement, while doing sales order confirmation need to send email with current record data as PDF attachment.

In Email subject and body, sales order number and customer account number need to be display.

I have create email temple for sales order. Can any one help on this same.

Thanks in Advance [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Plesae tag your version of ax…

Try if you are using the current version of AX

Thanks for your reply.

Actually by standard process mail and attachment is sending but in my requirement i need to display sales order number and customer account in subject(placeholders) while doing Sales order confirmation. (AX 2012 R3)

Then you should override the print destination settings.

Can you guide me how to do process and in body message also we need to display sales order and customer account.

check this… Here you can add the details u needed


I have tried by keeping breakpoint in that method but it is not hitting in that method.

How you are sending the report file? Please share your code if possible?