Automatically pick BOM elements on sales order without exploding the BOM


Is there a way to setup AX 3.0 so that the reservation and picking list on a sales order is created for the BOM elements instead of the actual BOM item without exploding the BOM?


We have a configurable BOM item no 34 that consists of 3 BOM elements; items 01, 02 and 03. The BOM item 34 is never stored in inventory and is only put toghether when needed, just like a phantom item in production.

On the sales order, we only want to add the BOM item and then select configuration. We would like to be able to print the picking list for items 01, 02 and 03 but without exploding the BOM. When invoicing, we only want the BOM item 34 to show.

If we can’t create the picking list for the BOM elements, we would like a report as finished journal to be automatically created and posted for the BOM item to fulfill the sales order requirement when posting the picking list for the sales order.

Is this doable in standard AX 3.0?



Hi again,

I found a possible solution to this issue.

We create a BOM with the “Automatically report as finished” check box checked.

The creation of a RAP-journal is then triggered when invoicing the sales order line with the BOM item. However, this requires the BOM item to be packing slip updated first and since we have 0 inventory, this does not work. So we created a new Inventory model group where we allow negative physical inventory for these specific items. When the sales order line is invoiced, the inventory is restored to 0.

Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to print a picking list for the BOM elements but at least the invoice will be correct.