Automatically email send customer statement

Does anyone know how to send the customer statement via NAV email? Or if NAV has the e-send customer statement function? Thank you so much!

If you’re in the Classic Client, your only option without a customization or add-on is to save the previewed report as HTML or print it to a PDF printer like Bull Zip and manually send it.

The Role Tailored Client has an option to save it to PDF without the use of the intermediary PDF printer.

Lanham has a nice add-on that allows you to send out emails like customer statements, ship confirmations, invoices, etc.

Hi Matt Traxinger, thank you so much for the reponse.

I can directly email send out the customer statment if it is Classic Client but I have outlooks in my PC. (preview >> file >> Send >> Report by EMail)

May I please know does user has to have “Outlook” installed to send it out? Or it there a configuration in NAV that will automatically send out the emial to the client?

Also, when I send the previewed customer statement, the Statement is displayed as a screen image in the email. Is it possible to make a “PDF Attachment” to the email and directly send or it has to be sent by manually?

Thank you so much for your reply.

If you want a PDF, and you’re in Classic Client, you’ll have to do it manually or have it customized for you.

Hi Cherie

If you are currently on an active enhancement plan with Microsoft for your Dynamics NAV installation, you could maybe take a look at Zetadocs Express which is available for free from CustomerSource. It allows you to send documents as PDF attachments to emails.

I know the paid version allows you to send emails without requiring Outlook to be installed on the actual computer you are using. I’m not sure about the free version.
It’s probably worth a look though.