Automatically create payment for invoice

I’ve got a curious scenario for which I can’t spot an obvious answer. In one of my Cronus databases, if I raise a purchase order against supplier 10000, receive it, invoice it, then look at the vendor ledger entries I see that an invoice has been created but also a payment for the value of the invoice. I presuming there’s a flag somewhere on the vendor card to control this but can’t spot anything obvious on either the invoicing or payments tab. I’m not getting the same situation with other vendors, which is what makes me think its a vendor card rather than application setup issue. Thanks for any responses

That’s caused by the “Payment Method” setup. From the Help:


Payment Method Table List of Fields in the Table This window lets you assign a code to each payment method. You can set up an unlimited number of payment methods. After you have set up the methods you can enter one of the codes in the Payment Method Code field on each of the customer and vendor cards. You can assign a balancing account to each payment method. This will enable the program to automatically fill in the Bal. Account No. field on sales and purchase headers. This feature is useful when you invoice cash sales, for example.

Of course Thank you so much