Automatic Reduction Invoice

HI All, I was just wondering what this parameter under accounts receivable does. AR → Setup → Updates → Automatic reduction invoice. If this parameter is checked Axapta will not allow you to invoice a zero value invoice. It pops you a strange error. The help of this parameter says a different explanation !!. Some one please tell me whats this parameter all about !! . Some kinda bug ?? Cheero Abin.[xx(]

Hi, This parameter is set for automaticaly reduce QTY when item is not avalaible enought in invent. In Ax 3.0 SP3, there are a fix because Axapta reduce QTY to 0 and on invoice line with amount = 0 appear. Here is the description in the Fix list : R-DEU-XSGE-YVKL-00823 Automatic deduction invoice parameter resulted in invoices with an amount of zero. When the Automatic reduction invoice parameter was selected in the Accounts receivable parameters form, it resulted in invoices with the amount of zero when no items were on-hand. Now an invoice is not created if there are no items on-hand. Class: SalesFormletter_Invoice.updateNow() BUT, to correct this small problem, MBS check the line amount. If is = 0, they skip the line (X++ instruction “Continue”) but without go to next line. Thus you have an error like ‘Line already invoiced…’ (something like that) (BIG problem, because you can not invoice !!!). You have 2 solutions : 1) in the parameters, set off the parameter ‘Automatic Reduction Invoice’ 2) update the method updateNow() in the class SalesFormLetter and undo changes make by MBS. Best Regards, Olivier

Hi Olivier, Automatic reduction happens even if this parameter is uncheked ! Try it and check out? The what is help on the parameter does not apply even if its cheked or unchecked !! Abin

HI Abin, I try it in Axapta 3.0 SP3 and i have the correct behavior. Invent : 5 item X I make a new sales order for 10 item X When the parameter is unchecked, when i try to invoice 10 items, i’ve a error message saying that Item is not enougth in Invent and the invoice is cancelled. When the parameter is checked, when I invoice 10 items, I have an warning message saying that the QTy have been reduced to 5 and the invoice is validated with Qty = 5. Best Regards, Olivier

Hi, I have my system setup for NO physical negative inventory. So if my understanding is right then this parameter is not relevent in my case rit ? Regards Abin

Hi Abin, You are right in saying that if this parameter is selected it will not allow invoicing a zero value invoice. Apparently this bug was introduced in Axapta 3.0 / SP3. This caused us so much havocs in our live system [V] I believe this has been reported in Yahoo group. But I got this info from a good friend of mine. He has posted the same in Technet here at - Regards, Harish Mohanbabu