Automatic Production Order Picking list posting for an item while posting the Product receipt


Is there any standard setup is available in AX 2012 by which,automatically picking list is posted for the item at the time when Posting the Product receipt ?

I got one field but want to confirm same,

The setup path is : Production control parameters > Setup > Automatic update > Receive Purchase order > Automatic BOM Consumption.


Nitin Patel

Hello Ninit, if you are referring to the picking list that is made by the components of the bill of material, and is created for every production order. Yes there is a parameter to automatically post it but not when reporting production as finished, it automatically post it when the Start step.

Production control parameters\AIF\Auto posting\Automatic picking list journal posting

When you Start the production order go to the General tab and look the field “Post picking list now”, if you check it, your picking list will be automatically posted.


Hi all,

I need to know the setup in Production control parameter > Setup > Production control parameters by site > Automatic update > Receive Purchase order (attached screenshot).

Can I have the detailed functionality of that setup ? In which scenarios respective setup is to be used with sample example?


Nitin Patel