Automatic Print fpr BLOB

Hi, I import product decriptions (=word document) in a new defined BLOB-field in the article table. No problem to export them, but has anyone an idea, how this document can be printed automatically, when this article is sold = line in sales invoce. Michael

It is possible to export the BLOB content to create a word file, but it is also possible to write code to open it or print it using automations variables. In your case, I would suggest that you build a function to extract the file and open it and/or print it. When a user posts an invoice (codeunit 80), you can write some code to look at the lines, and if the line contains an item (Type=Item), you could launch this function. A good example showing you how to use automation is codeunit 424 -Export Analysis View. It is using Excel automation, but this is very similar to using Word. If you need, I can look to find a function I built to open a Word document for one of our customer.