automatic navision backup

hi, i am looking for a possibility to perform automatic navision (v 2.01) backups. thank you very much. herbert

You should upgrade to C/SIDE 3.10 and run Hotcopy. If that isn’t an option You can look at

HI Gillig, A cheep and simple way is to use NT’s own backup to tape routie ‘ntbackup’, pluss their ‘at’ command to start the backup automaticle. You need to install a navision client on the same machine as your db. You need to know the name of the service which is running your Navision db, as this needs to be turn off when performing the backup. Use regedit to fine the service name (BE CARFUL)[:D], H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,system,control,services I little bat file to set the at command.(All most looks like a unix command, Bill have you been pinching again?) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- at 13:59 /interactive /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su cmd /c “c:\backup.bat NORMAL > c:\backup.log 2>&1” rem at 12:05 /interactive /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su “cmd \c c:\backup.bat APPEND > c:\backup.log 2>&1” ---------------------------------------------------------------------- and this will start the following backup bat file. Note the service name is LIPNT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- rem Backup script to backup to tape Navision LIPNT rem CALL BACKUP.BAT [NORMAL,APPEND] rem 2000 Sep 28 rem Stop LIPNT Navision Server Program net stop LIPNT rem Move to client Navision Directory cd C:\Program Files\Navision Financials\ rem Check Data Base fin.exe database=E:\Navision\LIPSWE.fdb,dbtest=min,company=,id=backup rem Backup to tape 2nd archive IF %1 == NORMAL goto NORMAL IF %1 == APPEND goto APPEND goto RESTART :NORMAL rem Backup is start of tape ntbackup backup E:\Navision\ /d “Navision LIPSEW Backup LIPSWE” goto RESTART :APPEND rem Backup is Appended to tape ntbackup backup E:\Navision\ /a /d “Navision LIPSEW Backup LIPSWE” goto RESTART :RESTART rem Start LIPNT Navision Server Program net start LIPNT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Luck I hope this helps you a little. Regards Graham

Graham, I am new [:I] and I need to ask you something related to your backup batch file (ntbackup). I was running your batch file and I am always getting an error message indicating “database” [?] unknown at the <fin.exe database=E:\Navision\LIPSWE.fdb, dbtest=min, company=,id=backup> line. Fritz

Please check the path to your db. Tip to get the path name is open up explore and the RUN program, then drag the navision db from the explore and drop it into the RUN command line. The RUN command line will then display you path name and file. This is a great help for a word blind programmer. (Hope no customer see this). Dose this make sence. Regards Graham.