Automatic nav reports export to excel format


I would like to export all my nav reports to excel format as scheduled event. Please! help me with this issue by providing detail steps as I am new to Nav.

Many Thanks! in Advance.

Hi Mg,

Welcome as a member. When you ask question always remember to write which product AND version your question is about.

And here with your question it is even more important as this is standard with NAV 2009 roletailored and NAV 2013.

To do this in previous version then you need add-ons or customizations of your reports.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your reply, I am using NAV 5.0 SP1.



Ok, then you have to program it. Look at the standard report for importing/exporting finance budget for your inspiration.

Hi Erik,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Could you please tell me where can i find this topic “standard report for importing/exporting finance budget” . I searched the forum but could not find it. Please! help me with this.

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Take a look at report 29 “Export Acc. Sched. to Excel”

or review this:

& what do you mean by “all my nav reports” . surely you don;t mean everyone.

Hi savatage,

I am still not getting the things properly sorry about that I will describe my requirement such that you can have clear understanding regarding what i am looking for.

I have reports of different modules of NAV such as financing , accounting etc. I want to export them to excel format . The exported data shud be updated automatically on certain time interval such that we get latest data.



The running of a report will give you the latest data information.


  1. are you asking for these reports to automatically run?

  2. are you wanting to export the report information to excel?

  3. do you want to program this yourself?

4)if, not you need to get your nav partner involved. the forum is to help you not do it for you.

5)You can always print->preview the report. click on file->save as HTML. then you can open it in excel.

you may or may not like how it get’s formatted.

  1. you may be interested in

Try to search forum for ‘Excel Buffer’ or ‘Export report to excel’ .