Automatic move cursor to next line when barcode scanning in navision

Automatic move cursor to next line when barcode scanning in navision

have to click manually .

not able to find any solution on this



Barcode scanners can be configured to add ENTER at the end of scanned code (actually CR, which is 0x0d).

But this will move to next column, not line - with one exception, IF there are no other editable/focusable cols, cursor will occur on the next line.

Hello I need to do this on sales line.

so there is editable column is there any other work around for this


Added ENTER (in barcode scanner configuration) you will need anyway, to initiate triggers.

What can & what can not be done in C/AL code further on - can you move the focus programmaticaly, sorry, this is beyond my knowledge.
I was a programmer in previous century, that for I remember about that 0x0d, but I worked in different environments then…

You still need at least Qty to enter - how do you perform that? Already hardcoded? Bad idea…

SO line is not the best approach, maybe consider some dedicated form to collect the barcodes, and process THAT in code later - it’s more flexible, there you can process Location, Qty, whatever you’ll be asked to add the day after tomorrow.

There is also a NEXTCONTROL property on older versions of nav - what version are you using?

Take a look at the documentation for the barcode scanner. There will usually be a code that you can append to the end of the input string that will cause the scanner to send an ENTER keystroke after scanning any displaying the value of the scanned string. That will be a lot easier than trying to do the same thing in NAV.

I am stuck in similar question. I am working on a project that updates the records in my database from a barcode scanner, at the moment when you scan an item it places the barcode in a textbox on my form. Which needs a button click to submit the record to the database. and I am trying to achieve this: once the item has been scanned for the record to be inserted into the database without having to manually clicking a button.

Hi Mat, the answer is in the barcode scanner setup documentation. You’re looking for information on how to add a carriage return at the end of the input string (the value of the barcode). I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but each barcode scanner is somewhat unique. If you’re in control of the content of the barcode, meaning you’re printing them, then you can also add the CR to the barcode which will also solve your problem.

I do recall from doing this the hard way some time ago that the values returned from a barcode scan don’t always match the characters you used to create them. To test this, create a series of 1-character barcodes beginning with the first printable ascii character (an !, DEC:33, HEX:21) and increment the value by 1 until you get to ~ (DEC:126, HEX:7F). When you print the list, print the native character, then the barcode representation of the character. Then, open something like notepad or your favorite editor, and scan each entry. Then go back and note which characters in the scanned list in notepad don’t match the ones on the input list. You’ll have to write code to correct each incorrect character. Then you can play with the CRLF (carriage return, line feed, DEC:13,10, HEX:0D0A).

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much, George. I will have a try with your method.