Automatic Elimination (is it possible?)

Hi all, I need your opinion about the above subject. Can Navision perform elimination automatically? From what I’ve learned in 3.70, we have to enter the elimination entries manually in the general journal. Our client insists that a sophisticated application like Navision should be able to simplify this elimination process(?) What is your opinion or suggestions? Many thanks!

Hi King Auto elimination of internal transactions from a consolidation perspective is not possible in Navision - you do need to process these through a general journal. You could modify the system to perform this, but the question would be should you? I am not an accountant so not the best person to answer this, but if the eliminations are never seen how do you know the eliminations are true internal transactions? (although of course once the system is set up correctly everything is okay). I suppose it is a sanity check in accounts, and there maybe accounting/legal conventions that do not permit, or wish to see the physical processing of eliminations. I would suggest you check this first, but if the customer wants it - you can always give it to them. As for a system with the complexity of Navision having this as standard, there are lots of things in the queue before this, as the number of users consolidating is not that many, but one of the strengths of Navision is that it can be tailored to do EXACTLY what the customer wants it to!

Thanks for the tip, Steven. You are correct that an elimination process should be visible and auditable, agreed! But I was thinking that perhaps the system could be set up to identify elimination accounts and at the time of elimination, we simple define the date and system will suggest accounts to be eliminated, along with whatever balance the accounts have on that date. User simply decide whether to post the suggested lines on the general journal or not.