Automatic connection to other NAV server after failover

We have a NAV testenvironment in SQL 2005. I’ve implemented a mirroring. 2 servers, NAV1 (principal/primairy) and NAV2 (mirror). When we having trouble at NAV1, we create a failover to NAV2. So users can change the database at the login to NAV2, so production can continue.

Is it possible to reconnect automaticly to NAV2 after failover?

I am afraid it isn’t possible. At least not through Navision. Maybe there is a way outside of Navision.

But I think you will invest a lot of time (=money) to search that out for a minor advantage. Remember that even if you could, the user has to get back manually to the form he had open and the record he had selected.

As Kriki states auto-reconnect is not possible with NAV. But is a manual client restart such a big deal? Sure beats being down all day.

We have been running SQL 2005 mirroring (syncronous with full safety) at a site for about 18 months. What is your configuration? I’d be interested in hearing your experiences. Our client is coming to us with “maybe I need some additional protection”, “what happens if we loose both servers?”. We are currently discussing a log shipping setup to a third site as a mirroring backup.

you can place an extra server for Witness. And put the backup server on a co-location…

I can’t tell you my experiences (not yet), because I set up the config last week. And it’s a test.

“But is a manual client restart such a big deal? Sure beats being down all day.”

You are right about this, but we don’t want to disturb the enduser and let them change the server. The clients are totally noobish with computers and software :wink:


We have also implemented the mirroring .2 servers NAV1 (principal/primairy) and NAV2 (mirror).Users are not able to connect to mirror server when users change the database at the login to NAV2.Can you please send the procedure after failover & changes required in the configuration.

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Have you copied the user’s SQL Logins to the mirror server?