automatic backup navision 3.7


iam using navision 3.7 with navision application server ,but i don’t know how to setup automatic backup, plz give solution for this problem

thanking you

There is a nice tool available for backup automation from ExpandIT. Maybe you want to try that. Demo version available.

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Again, I am not related to ExpandIT anyhow.

We use this one. Check it out & It’s free

You could also use hotcopy.

hai thanking u for u responce

hai thanking u r responce,but i don’t about hotcopy plz explan clearly

The most clearly explanation is found in your Navision CD - folder docs. Have a look in w1w1bkup.pdf.

thanks walter

Are you using NAV or SQL database?

I have downloaded this software

and I take the steps from the screen

if i click “Test Script” it could done well

but how to be automatically back up database?

for example I want to back up navision database daily…Automatic

How about starting the script with the sheduler from your OS? (I don’t know the tool Savatage mentioned. But if you have a “script” you should be able to start/run it sheduled, As a batch with some hotcopy parameters would do the same).

just create a schedular it’s automatically update backup every day

But don’t forget a daily check that you have an actual backup.

If the software you’re talking about was the download I posted then on the Finalization Tab there is a button to create a scheduled task

Here are step by steps

ok Savatage , Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

i have done it well…