Automated Export of Objects out of Navision 3.70

Hi, I need to export all objects of a navision 3.70 database as txt - files. As this is a time consuming process I want to automate this so I can start the it before going home. Any ideas how to do this? Maybe this is possible together with the Toolkit. Any ideas are welcome. I need the txt files to import compare them to a Visual Source Safe - database. Thanks for any tip.

Why do you want to automate this? Before going home, you start exporting all objects as txt and that’s it. While you are at home, your PC exports all objects in one big text file. At next morning, you take the big text file and split it into single files per object. For this, you need Navision’s “Compare and Renumbering Toolkit” which you can download e. g. here: [Edit] The export of all objects doesn’t take so long that you must start it at the end of the day. But you have to make sure that you have the read permissions to the objects. I also used VSS in the past for Navision development and we all used the splitting function of that tool. But we only exported the modified objects instead of all.

Hi, thanks for the link to the tool - I will check if I can use it. Actually I already have a tool that splits and joins the objects. The problem with the objects in the vss is, they are not compilable. The rease for that is that if you check in only the objects you’ve changed you’ll never get a compilable version (this is what we do at the moment). Because if you change a field name or the name of a function - Navision updates it automatically in the database but not in the VSS. In VSS you still have the old name. If you import such a file from VSS into the database it cannot be compiled. To prevent this, I need to let compare all objects. I want to automate the process as far as I can - because we have at least 6 different versions which should be maintained.

What we intend to do in the near future is to store binary objects in Source Safe. This works as well as storing text files and this can be automated. The drawback is that you cannot perform the text compare function in VSS. Don’t exactly now if your problem with importing will be solved in this case but i would gues it does … You can export binary object from the object table with the BLOB export function.

Hi Jan-Pieter, thank you, but unfortunatly I really need the txt files in VSS. I know it’s possible to export fobs using the object table, but I don’t know how to get the txt-files.

(oops these objects aren’t really fob’s …) Well if you for some reasons really need txt files then i’m sorry but this is impossible unless you do some really nasty things with keyboard simulation with sendkeys but you really dont want to do that … I dont think a sollution has ever risen because there are many topics about this and i have done alot of researching about this. But there must be some possibilities i gues because Navision does this kind of text export in 2 situations: * navision has automated text import/export with the upgrade toolkit (how do they do this?) * Navision sends object information to the debugger. How do they do this … ?? I have never been able to figure out this. I know even Microsoft in the Netherlands uses the option that is described by Timo which indicates to me that even not all of Microsoft has developed better tools for this. If anyone can figure out how things work in above 2 situations i think the navision world would be verry greatfull. What we need … is a good hacker … [8D]

Hi Jan-Pieter, actually this was the answer I expected. I know Navision in Danmark? thy use an automated tool to do what I want to, this but at the moment they don’t want to sell it…

Just as a post script to this topic, it has apeared to me, that Navision with hold acess to cerain funtions for one of three reasons (though I am sure there are more). 1/ The function is not planned to be available in future versions, or it is not yet decided if it will be available in future versions. (eg += ) 2/ Releasing the function would give away Navision trade scerets, or ar least make them very easyto crack (e.g. C/DART) 3/ It is not something they want to provide support for, since there is not a true market need for it. (eg this topic). In the case above, the question was asked back at the 2003 Minesota conference weather these tools would be made public, and the answer was somewhere between “There will be something bigger and better in the future” and “we don’t see a specific market need at this time”. Navision development does follow a different path than what most developers are used to, but please keep in mind, that Navision has always been an ERP package, it has NEVER been a development langage. They have made that clear from day one.

No this is no doubt true and i’m fully aware of this. Though they will certainly have a reason for not releasing this tool, i dont see that they would give away their trade secret when they would do so. Its not a new thatt they would then release, it is just a feature what is already done manually and then it is automated … Ah well many discussions have been about this topic and it is no use discussing it any further but i i’m sad about the fact that there is such tool and we dont have it … [:(]

Hi Jan, I meant that this particular case is in category 3 NOT 2.

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