Automate statements and posting.

We are using AX (2009) for Retail and AX POS.

Currently we have 5 batch jobs that poll 5 stores and download their transactions each night. We then go into Retail Headquarters > Open Statements and setup an new statement for each store. The statement is calculated and after checking to make sure the ‘Difference amount’ is $0.00 the statement is posted.

Has anyone tried to automate this process?


there is a job that posts the inventory transactions automatically (to maintain an up to date stock, for replenishment reasons)

from an operation point of view, we are not supposed to automate statement posting, since we have to count the amounts per staff/POS and treat the differences, before posting.

while if you still want to do the automation, you can use a parameter on tender card “require counting” = NO, then no additional data entry will be required after calculating statement, and you can post directly .

Thank you for the response.

I guess I was hoping for a process that would automatically create a new statement, calculate it for the previous days transactions (or the current day if it ran at night), check to see if the statement’s “difference amount” was $0.00 (if the store performed an EOD correctly this should be the case) and if it was the statement would be posted.

If we could get the stores to perform an EOD proceedure correctly so that the difference amount was $0.00 (or set the “require counting” = No) would it be possible to set up a script or stored proceedure to process a statement as noted above? I would also try to include an operation for handling a statement that still might have a balance in the difference amount field - maybe holding it in the Open Statement journal for manual posting.