Autofill Filter Request

I have a feeling this is so easy but can’t figure out how to do it. I have just made a new Sales Quote (in Financials 2.5) and would have added it to the Menu Option at the bottom of the Sales Quote Form. What do I have to do so that when I make a quote, the Quote Number that I just made is automatically filled into my filter of my new Sales Quote Report. Thank you!!

When starting the report from C/AL, you can pass a record variable as parameter. Filters attached to this record are copied to a matching data item of the report. E.g.: RecVar.SETRANGE(“No.”, Rec.“No.”); // assuming “No.” is primary key of your Sales Quote REPORT.RUNMODAL(4711, TRUE, FALSE, RecVar);

Thank you Heinz for your response. This will be my first time using C/AL. What does 4711 mean and do? Thanks again.

Oops… [8D] “4711” is the brand name of a - the! - German Eau de Cologne [:p] Here in Austria (and probably in Germany too), “4711” is widely used and recognized as a kind of generic number example. It may be used as an example like in “Let’s say file size is 4711 characters”, but also in reply to a question for a number to signalize that the exact number is none of the asker’s business. “What’s your ID number?” “4711, now get lost.” (quite common a dialog between an arestee and a cop [}:)] I didn’t realize that you were from the U.S., nor that someone from outside Europe would probably not recognize the pun [;)]