Autocomplete Multi-select


I would like to allow users to select multiple options (multi-select, choices) for an auto-complete control. For example. I would like to select BOTH United States and United Kingdom. I understand that this field has the auto-complete control. Is there something I can do other than rebuild every country in a choices option set?

12-16-2021 3-22-33 PM

Hi Lokesh,
Is this Business Central? The fields doesn’t look like BC.
But if it is, then you cannot select multiple options, unless it was coded that way.

If you are applying a filter for a country, you can use a | to add the OR to the filter. For example: “US|UK” will return results for both US and UK.

If this is a Country Code, on a Customer Card for example, you can only select one option (the country that pertains to the address on the Card). If you want to list other locations you would use the “Ship-To” Addresses for Customers or “Vendor Locations” for Vendors.

Thanks all - @admin1 I’m not sure how it got put into this group. I will revise.