Auto updation of Finished Goods cost in Item Cards

Dear All,

I am working on Nav.5.0 with costing method FIFO. I want system to update all the cost in Item cards of Finished Goods automatically.

can anyone please help regarding the same.

Can you describe what you are doing and why it is not.

I am trying to update item unit costs just like which is produced through a Production Order.


1.Item X is a Finished Good and it is made bye Y and Z Raw Materials.

Cost of Y = 2 USD

Cost of Z = 5 USD

Manufacturing Cost = 3 USD

now if I produced the Item X through production order and Invoiced it . the cost of X (FG) should automatically updated to - 10 USD when I run Update Unit Cost report.

But it is not happening.

Finish the production order and run Adjust Cost.

Hi Thanks,

I have been trying to run Adjust Cost. Batch but I am not able to run it completely since other developer has deleted some ledger entries. The system is showing there is no Ledger Entry No ’ xxx’. Can you please suggest me what to do to overcome from this.


lol [:D]

I presume this is not a live environment you just happen to be deleting ledger entries in?

Create a new database and test your theory again, running the ACIE will update the cost. If however it is a live environment I would request the developer fixes the pretty critical system corrupting issue they have caused [:D]