Auto-Report Question & Import Failure

Hi, 1) Can anyone give me an example on how to create an auto-report that gives all sales orders and per sales order all sales order lines, or an idea of how to get there? 2) When importing the demo data into a new db following error keeps occuring “…record already exists…”, but there are no duplicates present. Some tables are filled and others not, but there are many “illegal reference” errors present now. Thanks in advance

Hi there, I am not sure what you mean by auto-report. If you want to print Sales order and all sales order lines under that you have to write/develop a report which is not that difficult. Regarding your second query, make sure that you switch on all keys under Admn → setup → system → configuration. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, Can you give me an example for the report? Thanks

Hi, For example - all the objects that you see under Reports node (across in all modules) are reports. I suggest you to take a classes on areas like X++, MorphX etc. Contact your local MBS for this. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu