Auto report issue for sub ledger journals related to Free text invoice.

Hi kranthi,

Accounts receivable/Common/Free text invoices/All free text invoices

here i want to generate Auto report for subledger Journals please suggest me

Can you please elaborate?

Hi kranti…thanks for the reply,

While trying to get the print from subledger journal from free text invoice, I’m facing problem.

the application showing the error

Infolog shows like this The report is empty. No information exists for the item.

I do see the same problem. Looks like a Bug.


Are you a developer? Because it may need some changes.

Thank you so much for giving replay…

i am new in Dynamics AX

Search if there is already any bug in LCS related to it. If not found, raise a Bug to Microsoft.

Thank you kranthi :slight_smile:

Hi kranthi
Can u please share the KB Number regarding this issue. u have any find out

I haven’t found a Bug.