Auto create Serial Number in Serial number form


I create an item with dimension group setting Site, Warehouse and Serial.

I create a movement in journal for the item and post. Ax does not auto create the serial number for the item into the Inquiries> Dimensions> Serial numbers forms. I need to MANUALLY create the serial number in that form.

Is that any setting so that when i post the transaction with serial number, AX auto create it into the serial number form?

Kindly advice.




You need to define the Number groups and attach them to the item, (Inventory Management → Setup → Dimensions → Number Group). In the number group select the On Physical update so that the serial number is created when the inventory is physically updated. Look into the Activation tab as well.

Hi Kranthi,

I try your solution but still AX doesn’t insert records into Inquiries> Dimensions> Serial numbers forms.

It only update inventtrans.

Hi Kong Yu,

Like Kranthi said, you need to create first Number group (Inventory management > Setup > Dimensions > Number groups) and In the Number group form, create new number group and assign the Number Sequence in the General (tab) and check the activations in activation (tab) and now assign that newly created number group in the Item form.

If you want one inventory item can be allocated a given serial number, you must activate the Serial number control in the Dimension group.

Inventory management > Item details > goto general (tab) and assign the newly created number group in the serial number group field.

Now it will generate auto serial numbers.


Hi Sarathy, I still couldn’t locate where in the “released product” form that I can attach the Number Group in AX 2012? Is it done in Product Info Management or Inventory Module

Is it possible to generate serial numbers manually with a format say “ABC-1000”, “ABC-1002” etc.?

thanks a lot

Released Product - Manage Inventory - Serial Number Group (Tracking field group).

No if you define it as manual you cannot impose a format.

I noticed that when a SO, Production Order exits and not in completed status for a BoM (FGI), that AX doesn’t let us change the tracking dimension. I am able to change the tracking dimensions on a BoM item where, eventhough I have transactions related to that item, it let me change this dimension when no production/so exists. Is this the default AX behaviour?

Yes if I understand you, but can you give an example to clarify?

Hi Adam, I tested with a simple BoM (“Sample BoM”) that has one line item where I had production orders previously. i.e. I produced several quantities of this item to fulfill SO. Then I wanted to create a serial number for this item so I was able to change the tracking dimensions and even produced items - what’s strange is that I had quantities of this item with few of them without serial number and the new ones with serial numbers.

On the other hand, I brought over some multi-level BoM from production to test - that had open sales orders but no open production orders (off-course this item was produced to fulfill SOs earlier that I could see from on-hand inventory). Now, AX doesn’t let me change the tracking dimension. - which to me is the correct behaviour as this item has been involved in stock transactions already. however, what’s baffling to me is that AX lets me change the dimension for the “sample bom”. What could be?

We need to change the dimensions for production BoM even though they had been involved in the stock trans. how could we do that?

Appreciate your thoughts.

You can increase the cimplexity of a dimension, but you should not. Now when you come to pick the ones without serial numbers you cannot, they are trapped, unless you set issue blank, which opens another problematic area for you. The best solution is to create new records.

Simply put if you have to change the stocking dimensions of an item the best way to do this is to rename the old item, then recreate the item in its old number with teh correct dimension group settings. Then re-reference any open transactions from the old item number to the new. Any other approach will lead to potential troubles.

Thanks a lot Adam. This is very helpful. So to rename the “released product item”, we can use the “record info” functionality I presume that we don’t need to change the “product number”. If some production order in progress, say if it’s on RAF stage, could we be able to change the item reference. if not, probably, we will complete existing production orders and then make the change.

Thank you

Any rename will cascade through any record referencing it.

Thanks kranthi, your solution is working fine, but if I want to generate Serial numbers Item wise how to configure that. Means, I am adding Item1 and item2 in PO line. Now Want numbers as Item1-001, item2-001. Is there any solution for this requirement. Thanks in advance

Narasimha Kalva

You need to have a separate number group for every item.

we can have seperate number group, but in number group structure in "number sequence code " field it allowing to give same number sequence which we already given to previous gorup. Becoz this number sequence only we assigned in number sequences in Inventory management paramenters. in Batch/Serial No. fileld,