Auto-complete text-box in ax 2012.

Hi All,

I have search box for which i would like to add auto-complete text-box. Could anyone of you help me in knowing the way how to create auto-complete text-box through managed host control in ax 2012.



WPF Toolkit contains AutoCompleteBox, you just need to provide a data source and configure the control according to your needs. About managed controls in AX, try Tutorial: WPF User Control for AX2012.

Not knowing too many techniques about ax 2012, but I conceive that here in this circumstance you may apply the UI editor control, which contains the auto-complete box control, I imagine that would be helpful.

Hi Uchiha,

First of all thank you very much for your reply. Could you please explain me in detail? It would be very helpful for me if you can show me some example where it has been already implemented or suggest links where i can go through the implementation of auto-complete checkbox.



Feel so sorry that I bookmarked and kept the address until I reinstalled my browser…