audittrail errors

Somebody able to give me hints were to look for if you have audittrail error’s ocurring ?? I empty’d the SysLastValue tabel in Axapta, and together with that i deleted any extentie *.aoc in the user’s folders. Still it didn’t work out as i hoped for, now i am pretty much lost were too look for. any help very much apriciated Pat

Hi Pat, I don’t know which version you work, I saw that some known errors in 3.0SP4 should be solved in SP5. If you need more info, let me know. Johan

Hi Pat,

It would have been useful if you had given details like error message, version details etc.

Any way just a shot in the dark - there was an article in Partnerguide on resolving “Cannot create record in audit trail” error. If you haven’t got access, please try to get in touch with your partner.

Hope this helps,