Hi, Does anyone know why Attain_log.ldf in SQL database used with Attain 3.1, accumulates so much data so fast? For comparisson, in 12 calendar days, it grew 2Gb. And how to purge them? thanks.

Because every single user action resulting in insert,update or delete activity in the database is written to the database log. If you have many transactions/journal entries and postings/ it’ll easily expand well beyond 2gb. You can decrease the log size if you make a backup from the MS SQL /not from Navision itself!/. You should first make a full database backup and then you can backup only the transaction log. This will decrease the size of the so called “logical” log. The physical file size will remain the same unless you “Shrink” it /e.g. execute the Shrink Database function/. Please, consult MS SQL server documentation on this matter /it explains all this in many more details and Im sure that you’ll find it useful/. brgds

Hy Hartono We are using Navision 3.01b on SQL 7.0 If you are importing datas, using FOB-files you will get such an huge logfile in 2 hours [xx(]. To reduce the size of this file you must first shrink the whole database incl. “reogranisation” (sorry i dont know the exact english phrase of this option). The filesize of the logfile remains but now you can trunc it. Bye (Stefan)

Thank you both for your help. [:)]

Take a backup of Your transaction log periodically and You’ll have no problem with the size of it. Otherwise You can play around with the recovery model. Set it to simple and You get a smaller log. But then You can’t to time-of-point recovery. On a developer database at least You can have “simple” as recovery model to reduce the size of the log. //Lars