Attain Development Training

We have recently purchased Navision Attain. We would like to have our in-house MIS department become better versed in the programming aspects of Attain. We are located in the USA. I have located some training in London, but would rather find training closer to home. Does anyone know of any formal Navision Attain Training in the US?

Check out on this forum.

Maybe it will be different now that Microsoft owns Navision, but traditionally Navision’s business model is that the Solution Centers do almost all of the development work. End users can buy a development license, but its privileges are fairly limited. And, the end user license is not (generally speaking) adequate to fully upgrade the software when patches, new versions, etc. come out. That type of development work needs to be done by the solution center’s programmers, whose licenses allow them to do things an end user’s programmers are not allowed to do. The Navision business model also assumes that the Solution Centers are solely responsible for training and support. (It is theoretically possible for an end user’s in-house MIS staffer to have gone through Navision’s own training classes. But, this normally happens only if the MIS staffer is— or used to be— an employee of an NSC or of Navision itself in addition to— and/or before—being an end-user employee.)

What Tim says is historically correct, but I think likely to change over time in the Microsoft world. In the meantime, Liberty Grove Software does offer courses in Development (and other functional areas) to end users covering the same material as the Navision internal classes but with more of an end user orientation.