attain 3.60 - database configuration question

Hi! I have a attain 3.60 testserver with only 2 disks. One for the system und programs and one for my navision database. that are 36 GB disks. There I made one large 32 GB database.fdb file. I know that it would be the best to take 16 disks with 16 fdb files of 2 GB. But this is only a navision testserver. Would my testserver run more faster if i partition my 36 GB disk to 16 partitions with 2 GB. 16 *.fdb files. How much faster would that be? We make only a test billing run on that server. That runs about 10 hours. And 10 users are working sometimes with that attain version on that server. Who has good ideas? Thanks!

Up to 8 disks navision will scale in write performance with the same percentage of disks that You’re adding. After that the performance gain will fade out. So: going from one disk to 2 will double Your write performance. From one to three will triple and so on up to eight disks. This conclusion was made some years ago by Navision in IBM’s test centre in Grenock. It was some versions back, but I think it still holds. //Lars

I think that partitioning does not improove the performance, because the speed gain is in parallel work of more disk drives. If the same drive has more partitions, the write and read transactions will go on sequentialy, and it may be slower then on one partition.

Yes, that’s right. I was refering to separate physical disks

when you say that the SQL database can be optimised by splitting it in parts, what parts in specific? the log file, MDF file or the NDF file? maybe you ppl. can comment on my config… we have a database the size of 7GB. there are 4 Hard disks(Raid 1+0). the MDF and NDF is in D drive and the transaction log is in C.

You must remember that You have a lot of activity in the log. Therefore You should have the log on separate disks (preferebly RAID-1 with 64k stripe size). This is beacuse SQL does sequential r/w in the log. If You have other stuff on the same disk as the log the disk heads will need to reposition all the time. I think Your data files is correct configured as You are using RAID10 for this. The only thing You should have on c is OS and other executables. //Lars