Attain 3.10.A vs. 3.6 / 3.7

Hello ! We plan to implement a small Attain system for max 5 User. There will be a lot of adjustments within the system but nothign crucial. Our NSC apparently whishes to upgrade to version 3.6 or 3.7. My Question would be : Is there any real need to do this? Is it buggy or are there features missing? My Problem is that 90 percent of the adjustments is already done ´cause we postboned the implementation and I don´t want to start all over again. Thanx, Christian

Christian I don’t think you will need to “start again” with your implementation - I would certainly recomend moving to 3.70 - primarily that this version is the most stable platform to move forward on. There have been so many small, medium and large fixes from 3.10 to 3.70 I think your NSC is very sensible - do what he recommends. BTW there are some modifications to functionality, but fundamentally, if you have been trained on 3.10 you will not need to re-do all your training for 3.70.

Basically I would say that 1000 fixed errors is a good reason to upgrade to 3.70 - DON’T GO TO 3.60 (although the errors are not 3.60 specific - but most of them are much older than 3.60).