Attachment on Transactions

If I put an attachment(s) on a Sales Quote and then convert the Sales Quote to a Sales Order the attachment(s) do not get copied to the Sales Order.

Is that an option?

If not is there a way to get this done?


Nope no way of doing that as standard. Only in R3 have they brought in the ability to copy notes from items and customers onto sales orders.

How do you do that in R3?

Have a look here:

This link has problems. Any other way to get to this info?

works fine for me if I click it. Just go to the main website - it is a blogger.

OK, link is working fine now, must have been me.

This does show how you can have a note on a customer or item and how it gets put onto the sales order.

It seems it only works for notes and not attachments. Is that correct?

Also, its a but surprising that the attachments on a Quote don’t get transferred to the Sales Order. Seems like it would be very useful.

It is an attachment type note, so it is one, the complexity arises from how you use and store attachments, are you bringing them into the database, are you locating them on a file share, are you building SharePoint portals with them - once these decisions are made you would then have access and location logic to bypass, and then there is the whole how to display it - you could add a drawing onto it that was from a CAD system the user printing has no rights to and it is an A3 drawing on an A4 quote etc. Document management and the printing of them is generally very specific per customer - albeit under a large umbrella, but anything designed would invariably need modifying.

Document attachments is the same everywhere - it is attached to a source document in a source table - that is the relationship. Common to customize different places for different customers - yes the quote to order is a common one, but not high on the hit list of MS, was a request 10 years ago from memory - no market desire for it to happen was a response I had a while back to a request I thought would be needed by the majority. I would say you log it as a suggestion in Connect, but in reality it has been there before…