AT commands to modem

Is there someone who has experience with controlling a modem with AT-commands from NF ? I tried it using file.write(‘ATDT phonenumber’), but the modem wouldnt dial.

Didn’t have a need for doing it from NF yet, but based on experience with a previous VB program, you may try to dial using the following steps: (note: no real code - not tested) VAR Communications = MSCOMM32.OCX VAR Cr = Text 1 // Activate COMport the modem is connected to Cr[1] := 13 //ASCII value of CR Communications.CommPort := 1 Communications.PortOpen := True // Send the attention command to the mode Communications.Output := “AT” + Cr[1] // Wait for processing of command. repeat //Do something here, i.e. show a message Until Communications.InBufferCount >= 2 // Now dial the number. Communications.Output := "ATDT " + number + Cr[1] If you want to disconnect after dialing: Communications.PortOpen := False Perhaps this gives you enough info to work on further. By the way, the upcoming version 3.0 of Navision has TAPI support for using telephone connections. John