Associate product attributes with a specific product

Hi Gurus,

I’m using Dynamics AX 2012 at the moment, and i need created additional field for my product to keep information such as “Drawing No.”, “Remark”, etc.

From my point of view i would like to create several “Product Attributes” to meet the requirement, but now i’m a little configured by how to associate the attributes with the product.

Now i found there a couple of ways to set the attribute for the product, but none of them can work.

first of all, i assign the “Product categories” to the specific product “.(Product Information Management->Released Products->select the product->Product->Product Categories”.

Method 1: Associate the attribute to the Categories (Product Information management->setup->categories->Categories Hierachy->Category Attribute)

Method 2: Associate the attribute to the Categories(Procurement and sourcing->setup->Categories->Procurement categories").

Both of them above cannot work at all, anywhere else that i can figure it out ?

(by the way, i don’t have the Attribute Group in my system, i’m using Dynamics AX 2012)

many thanks.


The association happens through Product categories button on the Product details form under Setup section. The sequence is something like this.

  1. Create an Attribute type from PIM=> Setup=> Attributes=> Attribute types and associate required values.

  2. Create an Attribute from PIM=> Setup=> Attributes=> Attributes and setup a default value.

  3. Associate the product attribute to the Category heirarchy/Procurement category from the paths specified by you.

  4. Now create the product and associate the category heirarchy through Product categories form.

You can see that the attribute gets displayed in Product attributes list.

Check and let me know!