Assignment/Comparison losses precision??????????

Hi all,

what is Assignment/Comparison losses precision warning…???

This warning generally arise when trying to assign or compare two different data types.

Suppose you declare a variable of type real-and when you equate or assign interger value to it.

ya kranthi…its good…if am comparing two datatypes the error should come like operand not compatible with operator…y warning is comming plz explain me clearly…


This should happen as well if you compare an int against an int64 type.

The warning will change based the data type used in comparison or assignment.

static void intReal(Args _args)


int x;

real y = 5.5;



print x;



In the above example an real value has been assigned to integer variable- there we are unable to get the expected output - means the output will cut the decimal and only will give the integer value - 5 - The error mean it?

ya i got it…thanks…