Assigning and scheduling multiple resources on one operation


I working on resource scheduling in Dynamics AX 2012. In my scenario I am scheduling 2 resources in one operation. Following are the details:

  • Both resources belong to one resource group.
  • On the operation I have set this resource group as resource criteria and provided quantity of 2 for the Resources.
  • Operation Runtime is set to 3 hours.

Now I’m scheduling a production order having 2 quantity for finished good. I was assuming that both the quantities will be divided between the two resources, and each will be scheduled for 3 hours in parallel making 6 hours in total. But in reality both resources are scheduled for 6 hours each.

Is this the behavior which I should expect or am I doing something wrong?


I believe the time is for the operation, so if it takes 3 hours per resource it takes 6 hours. If however you see the operation time as 3 hours total which is 1.5 per resource then your run time should be 1.5 hours.