Asset Posting through Po makes voucher not true

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I have an asset its acquisition price is 2650 , the user made a PO for this asset

, after he posted the system made 4 journals as following :

all vouchers value must be 2650 I don’t know from where this value come 2478 !!!

Please help me

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In AX, we use a generic item for acquiring fixed assets from PO. The item is used as a base for acquisition. If you look at the invoice voucher, you will notice that system first posts Inventory receipts and then another entry for inventory consumption.

The reason for 2478 is: You must have used same item for some other transactions which resulted on inventory on hand and system started calculating weighted average cost. At the time of PO invoicing, inventory was posted with 2650 but was issues at 2478 which is weighted average cost.

It is highly recommended to use generic FA item as service item and that should be used only for asset acquisition. This was the cost factor will be consistent.


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Hi Pranav ,

What do you mean by Generic item for acquiring Fixed assets ?

During acquiring the FA , system would post the values to inventory receipts and inventory consumption . When it comes to audit point of view is there any problem regarding the entries ?

When i am acquiring the FA , why system should post the values to inventory accounts in axapta ?

Thank you Lally

I think Generic item is the product you use when you make a PO for an asset

Also i have a question : why dynamics use inventory account when posting of assets ?!!

Hello Lally

Now I’ve got the answer : if item is service type that means you will clear from Inventory model groups (form) the following two check boxes :

1- Post physical inventory

And you will select the following two check boxes :

1-Physical negative inventory

2-Financial negative inventory

If you do that your setup will be correct and no posting for inventory will be done


Hi Pranav ,

Any inputs from your end regarding the Generic Item for acquiring FA ?

Why it is posting to inventory accounts while acquiring the FA ?