Assembly Orders through Sales Order


I have been searching and not found it yet. Sorry if it has been answer before, then please guide me to the answer.

My question:

#1 When you create a Sales order,

Fasttab lines, enter a number in field “Quantity”, why does it not auto populate in field “Qty. to Assemble to Order”. I have seen in different videos that is does auto populate. How is that possible? Do I need to activate this?

#2 Sometimes the field “Reserved Quantity” get filled auto and sometimes it is blank. Where do you customize this setup?

  1. Please check the Replenishment System on Item Card is Assembly or not.

  2. Check the Reserve option on Item Card

Hi Mohana

Sorry I forget to mention Item information.

Item Card: Replenishment System is “Assembly” and Assembly Policy is “Assembly-to-stock”.

Item Card: Reserve option is “Optional”

Customer Card: Shipping fasttab: Reserve option is “Optional”

If you need more information let me know.

Thanks in advance

Change Assembly Policy to Assemble-to-order, then it will auto populate on the sales order.

Hi Golfer

Thanks for answer it works [:D]