Assemble to Order - Posting Process


I cant post an Assembly Order (Item Card assembly policy = assemble to order) from within the Assembly Order - the post button is ghosted out.

I can Ship the Assembled Item from the Sales Order which posts the Assemble Order. Is the intended functionality?

I can post the same Item (including the same assembly BOM) via the Assembly Order if the Item Card ‘assembly policy’ is Assemble to stock.

I’m expecting the Sales Order to create the Assembly Order when a Item with a assemble to order policy is selected - which is does. The ‘Qty to Assemble to Order’ field from the SO correctly associates to the Assembly Order. Once the Qty’s are assembled I’m thinking you would post the Assemble Order which would commit the Qty’s to the SO for Shipping. Not so, you cant post the AO but you can ship (and invoice) the SO even if the AOs status is open.

Is this a Business Central issue or proper Assemble to Order workflows?

Thank you…

Hi Generalist,

The above workflow sounds like I would expect it, and how I know my customers are using it. They wouldn’t expect anything else. Notice that you cannot post, unless all inventory used for the assembly already in inventory.

You can find much more about the assembly orders here:

Thanks Erik,

I haven’t used Assembly Orders in awhile but I thought at least in NAV the posting of an ‘Assemble to Order’ AO was controlled via the AO post, not the SO (post ship). If the Assemble to Order BOM components are in stock but not assembled the Sales Order/Shipper User could still Post/Ship the SO which Posts the AO even though the components have not been assembled - effectively making the shipper the assembler. Even worse, the AO could be in the ‘open’ status and the SO/Ship would still post the AO. I don’t see how a Customer would find this beneficial as there is no way to control the assembly process.

If this is truly the proper workflow than my ‘out-of-the-box’ solution will either need a customization or my client will need to use Prod Orders and purchase Premium licensing [emoticon:ca08b2c27c2f40e993e89508acf29e0b]

Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks again for your reply.