Asking about Demand Planner in Dynamics Axapta 2009

I’m investigating Demand Planner module in projected plan of my company. But I didn’t find a rough idea about it. So I want everyone who knows more about Demand Planner, give me a clear example in the reality. Please give me the database to analyze and know the process of it

Anoher idea that I found out Demand Planner is not the independent and visual module in Axapta. Is it just a concept which is relate with business and have the relationship with several modules in Axapta such as Production, sales, inventory…


Hi, Canhcutthu,

If you’re looking for a better idea of Microsoft Dynamics AX applications, check out this site:

They give a good overview of each application and it’s function, and you can download more detailed descriptions for a better understanding.

I hope this helps!