Array parameters in C/SIDE Automation

I am trying to integrate a 3rd party application into Navision C/SIDE using an automation type variable assigned to the 3rd parties DLL. One particular method of the DLL that returns a text parameter that is also an array is causing me a problem. I know that data type mapping to external objects can cause a number of issues but to eliminate the the most obvious cause does anybody else know if it is possible for C/SIDE can accept array parameters from automation objects? Thanks in advance. Chris.

I think I have tried unsuccessfully to do this in the past. I also had problems with variants containing complex data ( I think it was a GUID passed as a variant array). The only thing I could do was to create another automation component in VB or summin, whose task is simply to call the unsupported component on its behalf, sending the result to Navision in a simpler data format. edd

i think c/side has a general problem passing / getting arrays through parameters … in the past (2.6) i tried to pass an array between two forms … the array was filled correctly but the return array was always blank …