Are you also a good C# / ASP.NET Developer?

Dear members,

As you can see in the below job post, then I’m looking for somebody who can help me developing a new application for DUG.

The plan is to create an add-on application to Community Server. The specific add-on is I know many other sites have been requesting. So whilst we can not pay for actual time used to develop the add-on then we will be able to make a deal if we are able to sell the add-on to other community sites. Of course we could also make a deal where this person becomes a sponsor and here by his/her logo on the front page (a good deal for a freelancer).

So if you’re also a good C# / ASP.NET Developer or if you know someone who is, then please contact me for more information.

Is it really true? Are there no C# / ASP.NET developers how are also a member of DUG and who would like to contribute a little to the continued development of DUG?

You don’t need to be an MVP level expert, as long as you will sit down and help me with this project, then we can learn more together.

Hi Erick,

I think the biggest issue around were is not .NET knowledge but free time. 10 hours per week can be quite difficult to get. I currently work with 2 technologies NAV and .NET, but at least form me it would be difficult to make a commitment that I could have spare time. At least for me would work didn’t slow down yet, but in a few months probably I could have more time.

Hi ,

I am a .NET Programmer and recently moved to DAX 2009.

so can i help you in .NET .



Hi Sovit,

Tried to send you an email and pm but no reply from you.

Erik : Check out, it’s a nice site for outsourcing this type of work, as long as you’re prepared writting a highly detailed specifications of the customization you require

Good luck

nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please no.

Why no ? Rent a Coder include testimonials from past Project Bidders, someone has a good track record of testimonials such as :

“Amazing coder, delivered on time and on budget, understood all the requirements, shipped high quality code”

The referals system work like Ebay ? someone who constantly good get good reviews can be thrusted

Obviously you could find the best and the worst there

Check out the following URL :

I actually tried RentACoder about 3 years ago to do the upgrade from Snitz to Community Server. But despite I was using a lot of time to find the right person at the right price, then they both gave up after having wasted 2-3 weeks of my time. They simply didn’t understand the Community Server aspect. At least I didn’t pay them anything, as they didn’t even deliver the first part.

So not them again!