Archive records in Cust_ Ledger Entry

We are considering archiving records in Cust_ Ledger Entry in BC 16; anyone can share the impact/risks, best practices?


In my 20+ years implementing NAV and/or BC I have always turned on Archiving the Sales Order and Purchase Order documents. This is because my customers are always wanting to know “who” changed the Sales or Purchase document. Archiving tracks these changes and who did them when. In addition, you can notate who at the Customer asked for the change and notate this in your comments related to the document. I could have used Change Log but Archiving was a more streamlined best practice process.

Hope this helps.



Unless you have lots of records and this is impacting performance, you may want to consider just leaving the records there. There are flow fields on the customer card which reference those fields. You would also need to consider removing the corresponding records in the Detailed Customer Ledger Entry table which hold the application information for the Customer Ledger Entry table. Personally, I have not encountered anyone who has removed records from the CLE table.

Ideally its never recommended and there’s no standard process for this as we have for SO and PO but again keeping performance in mind we have to - we did in one of our Project but we made a table on SQL side and stored the data for next couple of months as plan b like if something wrong happens then it could be taken care off but fortunately we never ended up so.

We have a tool that does this in SQL. Put simply, if you have enough records that you need to compress them, then there is no way to do this in C/SIDE or AL, as it is just too slow. From SQL we can Compress and archive entry tables so that all the existing functionality continues to work, including flow fields and reports.