Arabic Language pack for NAV

Hi All,

Does there exist a language pack for arabic (UAE) for NAV, from Microsoft?

Any one got any idea about support of Arabic Language for NAV?

from the data side, you can write in arabic, we always recomment to have full description in one language and not to mix arabic font with latin.

the problem is when you want to edit arabic, it deletes from right to left, not from left to right as it should do for right to left languages

Any idea, about complete translation of navision in arabic?

I mean everything, including File, View, Tools etc…etc. all menu should be displayed in arabic.

Hi Dhanraj,

I saw your post and thought of letting you know about our LinguaPack product that works for Dynamics SL.

LinguaPack for Microsoft Dynamics SL allows Microsoft Dynamics SL to be translated into potentially unlimited number of languages, including German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and others. The language enabled software allows end users to simply change the language of the user interface screens and reports while all functionality of the original software are unchanged.

We are working on preparing a similar pack for NAV and AX. Will let you know the exact date by which we will have it ready. If you need more info you can mail me on

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Yes we are a Dynamics NAV partner based in Jordan, and we have created a language pack in Arabic and it is currently in its final stages, and will be released soon. Please feel free to contact me at