AR Payment Journal - Deposit Slips Not Generating

Deposit Slips are not generating for me when using the Customer Payments Journal (AX 2012 R3).

When entering the AR / Customer Payment Journal, I am including the following:

  • Checking the Checkbox for Deposit Slip on each Journal Line
  • Use of Bank Account for offset Account Type
  • Designating Method of Payment
  • Designating Bank Transaction Type
  • Including unique value for Payment Reference

Within the AR Payment Journal, the menu option for Functions > Deposit Slip is “grayed out”.

After posting the journal, nothing shows in the Cash and Bank Module for Deposit Slips and for Bank Account > Manage Payments > Deposits > Deposit Slips. I saw this work on an earlier project.

What’s missing?

I am sure someone has seen and solved this problem previously.

Note: My workaround is the Customer Posted Payment Journal Report at: Accounts receivable > Reports > Transaction > Payments > Customer Posted Payment Journal. But, I would rather have the Deposit Slip working with its included functionality.


You need to post the payment journal first. Then, the Functions->Deposit slip should be available for you to process.

Amazing. I wasn’t expecting an enabled data update feature to reside within a Posted Payment Journal. I had a wrong expectation and made a wrong assumption.

Yes, after posting the AR Payment Journal, then you need to refresh or otherwise return to the Posted Payment Journal. Then select Functions > Deposit Slip on the menu. You can display the Deposit Slip information from that menu option. You can also go into the Cash and Bank module and access Deposit Slip information from there.

Big Thanks!