AR & AP by Dimension

I am sorry if this has been asked before, I have looked through the forum but could not find a question that fits my requirements. To cut down on the processing in the finance department, I would like to run an aged creditors/ debtors report by dimension, as each dimension needs to know their contriubtion to the total debtors/ creditors balance.


Total creditors …100.00

Dimension (a)…050.00

Dimension (b)…025.00 etc

Currently, when I add the dimension to the filter criteron it comes back blank (generated 0 pages) can any one assist with this query. If I am not clear please feel free to identify where the confusion is and I will try to rephrase

Best Regards

Hi Ricardo & welcome to forum,

The easiest solution is not reports, but Analysis by dimensions feature - but you’ll need someone to set up these, if your’e an enduser - normally you should ask your Partner for help…

I wonder this can be done with analysis by dimensions. The requirement is ageing report filtered on Dimension. Analysis by dimension runs on G/L Entry and the ageing report needs cust. ledger and detailed cust. ledger entry table.

Ricardo: You need to have a customized report which will filter as per your requirement. Contact your partner for customization.

Hi Modris & Sandeep,

Thank you very much for your response, I will contact our developers on this matter


Hi Ricardo,

I suspect you used “Global Dimension Code” instead of “Global Dimension Filter” as a filter criterion. Usually users get confused which these two different fields. Using dimension code will return no result you need to apply filter on “global dimension filter” field . Just check if this is the case.



Thank you for your attempt to this problem ( I have not contact my agents as yet) but I wanted to try your solution. The feedback from using the

Global Dimension Code= NIL (as you mentioned)

Global Dimension Filter (this some how shows the exact value as selected in the Dimension Code) resulting in the outcome being NIL

I am wondering if something was set up incorrectly with regards to the code and the filter… I am keen to know more on this.

Thanks again for your input


Thank you all for your feedback with regards to my query. I spoke to my partners and they wrote a piece of code for me to be able to segment my creditors. It is working brilliant at the moment …it also lead to the development of an automated banking function that reduces time in data entering bank statements etc

Again cheers …I will be posting another question soon