AR Aging taking a long time


We recently upgraded to NAV 2009, prior to that time the AR Aging ran very quickly however since then the Aging can take up to an hour or more to run. Anyone know the reason behind this or the way to fix it?


what version did you upgrade from? I ran into this issue when a cleint upgraded a very large database from 3.60 to 2009. The issue exist in both AR and AP. Here’s the expalanation from Microsoft

"The pre-4.0 versions of the Aged Receivable and Aged Payable reports were later reworked due to some issues. These changes are outlined in KB Article 905300 (available from PartnerSource). The cause of the performance difference is mainly the removal of the Open filter on the Ledger Entry tables. This was a necessary change and was done as part of a fix for the Aging Balances. The balances would at times be incorrect if a payment was posted to multiple invoices with different posting dates.

Please take a look at KB 905300 for additional information…

“The Aged Accounts Receivable report (10040) and the Aged Accounts Payable report (10085) show incorrect balances when the posting date differs from the invoice dates in the North American version of Microsoft Navision 4.0”;EN-US;905300

So in their current state, these 2 reports will never run at the same speed as they did in 3.6."