Approval Workflow notifications

I’m trying to create an approval workflow for Sales Quote approval. Everything works fine except when the Sales Quote is approved, requester doesn’t get notified.

I’m tried different things in the workflow notifications nothing really works.

Has anyone had this issue ?


I had problems when the ‘Allow Sender Substitution’ was checked in the SMTP Mail Setup. Can you verify it is disable?

Hi Albert,

Thanks for checking this , yes it is disabled.

Approver get notified but when approver approves the sales quote the sender doesnt receive a notification…


Is it a standard workflow or a customed one?

I assume in your workflow steps you have a ‘Create notification’ response for when the events are ‘Approved’ ? If not you should add this response when ‘Pending approvals: 0’

The image is in spanish but these are the steps I´m talking about: