Approval Workflow for counting journal

Hi all,

Is there a way to have or setup " an Approval workflow for counting journal" ? This approval will be based on amounts $.

If Yes , where can I found it? If No, if someone can briefly explain how we can set it up.


There is no default workflow for counting journal. You need to design a custom workflow (to be customized).

Here is the list of available workflow types

Hi, do you know how to setup a workflow from scratch ? is there any sort of doc for that? Thanks

I am not a great believer in workflow in this area. Primarily because it fails the business. I would prefer an alert on the posting of the counting journal and finance to review. Ultimately if you do a count and it is not there and you have lost investment you still have to post it. As part of the process I would expect the counter to review the cost impact because they know if they post a high one they will be asked why, and the cost is usually the prompt for a re-count/check.

Hi Adam,

You have a good idea here and it may be an option. Please can you elaborate on how we can setup the system to approve counting journals with discrepancies based on $ amounts.


That is exactly the opposite of what I said so nothing to elaborate upon. [:D]