Approval template message in sale order

Dear Expert

I’m using Navision classic 2009. I met this message while i’m trying to send approval request of sale order to my boss. The message said" You must import an approval template in approval set up" . What does it mean? did i make mistake in setting up in the document approval?

Please instruct


You need to create template having extension .htm and upload in approval setup

Dear Amol

can u please show me how to create the extension .html and the ways to upload this.

Waiting forward to hear your result.


DEMO database (CRONUS company) has samples in it:

From Administration / App setup / doc approval / Approval templates / Mail setup… you can import/export/delete them.

It is a HTML file, by default will open in browser, but you can look at source (different ways in different browsers to do it), but you can open (and edit…) it with Notepad.

For startup, samples from DEMO will do - it is not easy to edit them in a way they CONTINUE [;)] to be usable.