approval setup (purchase/sales)

We are using 5.0 and I see there is a purchase/sales order/invoice approval process. Does anyone know if there is a manual or some form of documentation on the request for approval process within Nav?

We are having issues with getting it working and think we have missed setting up some areas but we also wanted to know the full potential of the approval process. Example for a purchase user (who has exceeded their limit), you put the approver userid and email who can approve p.os for that purchaser but if that approver has only a certain limit themselves will it then know to go to the next person with a higher approval or not because the approver userid restricts it?

Yes, there is a manual available. You can download it from this site:

The short answer to your question is yes, it will go to both levels of approval.

From the documentation:

Demonstration − Amount Requires an Additional Approver (Sales)

The order processor at Cronus creates a new sales order with a value of 200,000 LCY. The company policy specifies that if a sales order is made for a larger amount than 50,000 LCY, the order must be approved by the sales account manager. The sales account manager has a limit of 100,000 LCY. This means that it must also be approved by the manager’s superior, the director.


The order processor performs the following steps to request an additional approver:

  1. Open the Sales and Marketing Menu, and then select Order Processing and then Orders.
  2. Locate the relevant sales order.
  3. Create a new sales order with a total amount of 200,000 LCY.
  4. Send the document of 200,000 LCY for approval. The document is sent to the sales account manager for approval, according to the approval work flow. Because the amount is larger than the sales account manager’s approval amount, it is also sent to the overall director for approval afterward.
  5. The sales account manager approves the document.
  6. The system makes sure that the document is sent to the director afterward for approval.
  7. The director approves the document (and other roles that might be in the approval flow approve it afterwards).