Approval of Project Invoice proposal


I created a workflow to review project invoice proposals. But while posting invoice proposal, there was option to submit the invoice proposal. Can anyone tell me is there an extra setup I am missing in order to send the invoice proposal for approval.

Referred this link, under Submitting a journal for approval they have mentioned about submitting the journal for budgets or timesheets. Kindly assist me to submit the invoice proposal for approval.



The workflow process is executed in unified way across the system. When you configure a workflow for any process, by default a yellow bar appears on the document with an option to Submit. We need to basically submit that and as per your workflow configuration template, the document will be routed to concerned person/authority for necessary approvals.

The review project invoice proposal workflow also works similarly to that and you need to submit the proposal for review and then based on your setting the approver should get options like Approve/Reject/Request for Change/Delegate/Cancel/View history to choose from.

You can refer for example.

Hi Kiran,

To correct my earlier question, I have created a workflow for approval of project invoice proposal but I could NOT find the ‘Submit’ button when new invoice is created so that I can submit it for approval. Can u assist in this please.



I got the solution for my query. Thanks for your reply.

Okay. The reason is you haven’t marked Enable invoice proposal workflow check-box in the Project management and accounting parameters. Please mark the solution as verified as it will help others referring for same question.

Thanks Kiran, I have resolved it already…