Applying Vendor Ledger Entries

When will Navision (Microsoft) improve the way Vendor Ledger Entries can be applied against each other? E.G Most other fin mgt systems allow the user to define the cheque amount, select the entries to apply it to and enter the amount you want to apply to each entry. The system just makes sure the applied amount = cheque amount at the posting stage. So, you can do easy multiple partial payments. Sensible way of doing it.

Agree entirely. This is probably the single biggest user gripe and is always an issue during training sessions. Hard to believe that we are about to get another major release of the software and the handling (or not) of partial payments is still very poor and the same as V1.0

Hear, hear! During training it was like pulling teeth to get everyone to understand this relationship, since our business is based on applying inexact amounts. Our older (read: horrible) accounting system allowed you to do this, based on early 90’s technology.