Apply entry


We are trying to post application for customer. We have selected all the invoices and crdit memos to be applied for a specific payment, and when we apply all invoices and credit memo and try to post, it is succesffuly posted but only the credit memo is still on the list with Applies-to ID.

Is there any procedure that we need to do or forgot to do?

Please advise.


It depends upon the version and the process. Are you setting the applying entry? Then the applies-to ID in the apply customer entry screen? However if you select multiple invoices and multiple credit memos with the same applies to entry the system can get confused and will not post as it does not know which credit or payment applies to which invoice.

Did you applied a credit memo against a payment?

the version that we are using is 4.0.

  • from customer card, we select the balance and drill down for the list.

  • from the list we select the payment to be appy. then we click function, ‘apply entries’

  • we select the payment then click the 'set applying entries.

  • we select all the invoices and credi memo to apply, then post.

but when i checked the applied entries, the credit memo isnot on the list but still open and with ID on it.

What you are saying, in short, is this:

I have this payment - apply this credit memo to it [:D]

You need to set the credit memo and invoice application separately to the payment and invoice application.

Hi Adamroue,

I think I duplicated the scenario. Initially I have created a payment of 1000.00 then created a credit memo of 50, when i try to apply this payment to credit memo, it say that it is successfully posted but there is no entries created, and when i check listing the credit memo is sitll on the list and there is no applied entry for the payment 1000. is there anything that i am missing between the transaction?

please advise.